Your kidney stone: A user’s guide

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    Your kidney stone: A user’s guide

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    This is a decent, easy to understand article. One of the better articles about kidney stones that I've read. However there are other solutions and info to get rid of kidney stones, other than medical procedures, which have worked for me.

    I have been through a number of kidney stones, all successfully passed, thru info gathered from urologists (not much good info), the internet (sometimes good info but also much misinformation), and also self-learning.

    The first kidney stone I had was 8mm x 14mm. The urologist told me it was "unlikely" that it would pass. The way he stated the word "unlikely" in the context of the conversation and tone of his voice, the word "never" was certainly implied.

    Through experimentation and perseverance, fortunately I did find solutions that worked for me. I avoided having to go thru a number of trips to the hospital, and untold medical expenses.

    For any forum members who need further info about solutions to pass kidney stones, as quickly and painlessly as possible, reply to this thread and I would be happy to help as best that I can. Remember, I'm not a doctor so any info I provide is what has worked for me, it may not work for you depending on the type of stone you have and other factors. Use any advice provided by me as my viewpoint only, and not represented in any way, shape or form as a substitute for professional medical attention.

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