Which country has the best programmers? Hint: It's not the US

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    Which country has the best programmers? Hint: It's not the US

    If you ever wondered about which country produces the best programmers, wonder no more.

    A new report from California-based HackerRank, a service that administers tests to developers around the world, says it's China.

    Second place goes to Russia, and Poland takes bronze. Traditional programming powerhouses like the US and India came in at 28th and 31st, respectively.

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    I'll tell you why...because most smart young people usually go where the money is...and the way that we've set-up our litigious society, they are becoming trial lawyers.

    I am not anti-lawyer, we need lawyers in a civilized society. However without a doubt there are way too many lawyers in our country to the point that overall they are not benefiting our society, they are cannibalizing it.

    We badly need tort reform in our country so that after three years of attending law school and becoming a trial lawyer, doesn't mean they now have a license to print free lottery tickets at the detriment of society. Especially harmed are the middle class who end up paying the tab for a legal system clogged with frivolous lawsuits.

    Instead of trial lawyers, we need to guide smart young people to become programmers, inventors, engineers, scientists, etc, which would greatly enhance the quality of life in America, and help us to compete on the world stage.

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