What is CHS? Marijuana advocates warn of a little-known condition affecting heavy users

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    What is CHS? Marijuana advocates warn of a little-known condition affecting heavy users

    As more and more U.S. states expand marijuana legalization, and with weed usage on the rise, doctors and advocates are warning about a little-known condition affecting heavy users of the drug.

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, causes severe abdominal pain, nausea and “cyclic vomiting” among regular marijuana users — and can lead to extreme dehydration and, in rare cases, death.

    “It’s very underdiagnosed,” said Dr. Joseph Habboushe, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at New York University Langone/Bellevue Medical Center, who co-authored a 2018 study on CHS. “Doctors aren’t thinking about it. Patients show up to the ER at an average of seven times before they’re diagnosed and have it for many years before it’s diagnosed.”

    “Also a lot of patients are in a bit of denial,” Habboushe continued. “These are folks who have been consuming cannabis for many years, and then they develop these symptoms. So it’s hard for them to believe that these symptoms are actually due to the cannabis itself.”

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    As time goes on, there will certainly be more negatives discovered about marijuana use. Sort of in the same manner as what happened with tobacco use.

    Tobacco use back in the 1950's was touted by the tobacco industry as being safe. The marijuana industry is doing basically the exact same thing now.

    There simply isn't any conceivable way that a drug can be safe which causes your heart to race almost out of control while getting you sky high.

    Without question, marijuana has taken any number of lives in the past. Either directly from a THC overdose causing a heart attack or organ failure, or simply by attrition of prematurely wearing out the body's filtering mechanisms such as the liver or kidneys, causing cancer or other diseases.

    Marijuana is a deadly drug. That is a fact.

    Despite the terrible consequences, the number of states legalizing marijuana use has been increasing. So at least folks should be given an informed choice about marijuana regarding its grave dangers versus the industry propaganda of it being perfectly safe.

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