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  1. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to 50right, the new forum for conservative ideas and discussion.

    We intend for 50right to be informative and entertaining. Our forum is a great place to gather and share important information on the issues of today.

    Information is power. We want our forum to be powerful and influential, to help build a stronger America and a better world.

    With the concept of six degrees of separation, just one interesting post, could turn out to be the thought heard 'round the world.

    Our forum is not for everyone. Sometimes there will be tough debate and rough commentary on a variety of topics, especially politics. That being said, we hope you come here often.

    You may post as often as you like. It's your forum to use as you wish, to enjoy and have fun.

    Thank you for visiting 50right.

  2. Acesty6

    Acesty6 New Member

    thank you this is a great way having conversation on all of our concerns and rights questions and thoughts let us be open
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  3. Stephen

    Stephen Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you and welcome to the forum.

    We look forward to hearing more about your concerns and rights questions and thoughts.

    I agree - let us be open.

    Thanks again!


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