Unabomber Praised Ecoterrorist Group Linked to Biden BLM Nominee

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    Unabomber Praised Ecoterrorist Group Linked to Biden BLM Nominee

    Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, granted his first interview after his 1996 arrest to the former editor of Earth First!, the eponymous journal of the environmental extremist group to which President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) once belonged.

    Kaczynski, after his nearly 20-year-long bombing spree that killed three people and injured 23, was sentenced to eight consecutive life terms in prison before he invited Earth First! journal editor Theresa Kintz to conduct his first media interview in 1999. Kaczynski said Kintz was the “one journalist” he would “be prepared to trust.”

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    The Democratic Party has basically ceased to be a political party in the traditional sense of American politics.

    At least on a federal level, they are now a rogue group of leftist radicals determined to tear-up our constitution and burn our flag. In order to set-up their very own version of a Marxist utopia.

    Under their iron grip, the United States would become similar to Communist China with variations for American culture. The major point is freedom and liberty for the average American citizen would basically cease to exist.

    All the evidence is clearly out there. The article about this far left radical nominee for the Bureau of Land Management is further proof.

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