Trump's Social Media Site Coming in 3-4 Months

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    Corey Lewandowski to Newsmax TV: Trump's Social Media Site Coming in 3-4 Months

    After being censored and canceled off Twitter and Facebook, former President Donald Trump will be starting his own social media company that will debut this summer, according to his inner circle.

    Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump 2016 campaign manager and 2020 senior adviser, told Newsmax TV's "Saturday Agenda," the new platform will debut in 3 to 4 months.

    "What we've seen from big tech and the cancel culture is if you don't agree with their philosophy, they're going to cancel you, and we're going to have a platform where the president's message of America First is going to be able to be put out to everybody and there'll be an opportunity for other people to weigh in and communicate in a free format without fear of reprisal or being canceled," Lewandowski told host Joe Pinion.

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    This is good news, and will no doubt be an instant hit.

    What Biden/Harris are doing to our country in so many aspects should be acknowledged as criminal. We need a platform such as this to tell it like it is.

    This is no longer just politics with Biden/Harris, particularly with our Southern border. Joe Biden is abdicating his duty as Commander in Chief.

    Not enforcing the law and allowing countless millions of invaders into our country, threatening the safety and security of America, I believe rises to the charge of treason. Those responsible for these high crimes such as Biden, Harris and others, should be dealt with accordingly to the fullest extent of the law.

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