Trump vows to withdraw from Iran nuclear agreement, calls pact ‘defective at its core’

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    Trump vows to withdraw from Iran nuclear agreement, calls pact ‘defective at its core’

    President Trump on Tuesday announced plans to leave the Iran nuclear deal, declaring the pact has failed to halt the country’s nuclear ambitions in perhaps the biggest foreign policy decision of his administration.

    Speaking at the White House, Trump said: “I am announcing today the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.”

    Trump for months had left open whether he would move to scrap the pact, and his apparent decision to re-impose sanctions has rattled European rattles and leaves unclear how Tehran will respond.


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    President Trump has clearly made the right decision as he most eloquently pointed out in his speech.

    Barack Obama made the historically fatal mistake of placating one's enemies and that never works, it only emboldens them.

    Trump has now emphatically told Iran that its deviant behavior of threatening its neighbors and spreading terrorism in the Middle East is not acceptable. Strict sanctions will be put into place to either force the Ayatollah dictator to comply with our wishes or face rebellion from the people of Iran.

    The great people of Iran deserve a better government than this medieval style Islamic dictatorship being rammed down their throats. It would be so nice to see the Iranian people rise up and overthrow this most hateful and bigoted Ayatollah and his radical Islamic gang.
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    11 Things You Should Know About Iran Sanctions Now That Nuke Deal Is Dead

    In a speech delivered in the Diplomatic Room of the White House, President Donald Trump harkened back to his 2016 campaign rhetoric, describing the 2015 “plan of action” between Iran, the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations aimed at hindering and monitoring Iran’s nuclear ambitions as “horrible,” “one-sided,” and “disastrous.”

    Under the terms of that deal, the U.S. is permitted to reinstate sanctions if it alleges that there has been significant non-performance of the obligations of another participant to the deal. In that case, the old sanctions can “snap back” into place. And this is what Trump announced Tuesday will now happen.

    In order to understand what this will mean, it helps to know a bit about how the history of Iranian sanctions, how the nuclear deal agreement worked, and what has happened since Trump took office.

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