Trump touts 'perfectly executed' strike on Syria, declares 'Mission Accomplished'

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    Trump touts 'perfectly executed' strike on Syria, declares 'Mission Accomplished'

    President Trump on Saturday touted the “perfectly executed strike” against the Assad regime in Syria, thanking France and Britain for joining the US-led assault before declaring “Mission Accomplished!”

    The three countries launched military strikes overnight Friday in Syria to punish President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical attack against civilians and to deter him from doing it again.

    “A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!,” Trump tweeted.

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    Excellent job by President Trump and our allies.

    Trump is becoming a magnificent Commander in Chief, as those on our side who voted for him knew that he would.

    And kudos to our great military - the finest in the world without a doubt.
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    Pictured: Mangled ruins of Syrian chemical weapons lab destroyed by British, US and French airstrikes

    Syrian state television has broadcast footage showing the ruins of a chemical weapons research centre near Damascus hit during the air strikes.

    Pentagon officials say the attacks targeted the heart of Syrian President Bashar Assad's programs to develop and produce chemical weapons.

    The Syrian military says more than 100 missiles were fired against a military base in Syria's central Homs province and the research centre in Barzeh, near Damascus.

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    Assad called it the Syrian Scientific Research Center.

    Yea, if you consider "scientific research" to mean producing chemical weapons.

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