The Problem with the Current High Potency THC Marijuana from the Perspective of an Addiction.....

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    The Problem with the Current High Potency THC Marijuana from the Perspective of an Addiction Psychiatrist

    Advocates for the legalization of medical and retail marijuana are quick to point out all the possible benefits that a community might see from such a venture. These include increased jobs, increased tax revenue, possible medical benefits and they advertise it as “safe” and “healthy” and “organic.” They utilize the words “cannabis” and “marijuana” for everything without differentiating between the different forms of cannabis that can have very different effects on the mind and body.

    Many people who have voted for legalization thought they were talking about the marijuana of the 1960s to 1980s when the THC content was less than 2%. However, without any clear guidelines or regulations from government officials, the cannabis industry has taken a page from the tobacco and alcohol industries’ play book and developed strains of marijuana and concentrated marijuana products with much higher concentrations of THC, the psychoactive component that causes addiction. The more potent a drug is, the stronger the possibility of addiction and the more likely the person will continue to purchase and use the product.

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    It really is high time to stop the nonsense that marijuana is some sort of safe, harmless, recreational drug. Frankly it never was safe and harmless, and today's potent marijuana is worse than it's ever been.

    What should be clearly understood is the effect this drug has on our internal organs. As well as the risk of an overdose and death. Even if death doesn't happen while using the drug, each use has a corrosive effect on the body in some way, shape or form. The more it's used, the more corrosion and damage to the body that occurs.

    A good example could be a marijuana user who perishes from covid. Of course on the death certificate it will state covid as the cause of death. When in reality it was a weakened immune system caused by marijuana use, that may have resulted in a person's inability to successfully fight off the covid virus.

    Another example could be a heart attack. Marijuana has a gruesome effect on the heart function and arteries. So one day when a person suddenly keels over dead from a heart attack, doctors will state it was just a bad heart. Perhaps due to improper diet. When in reality it was the excessive wear and tear on the heart from marijuana use which exacerbated the improper diet effects which led to the heart attack. But marijuana probably wouldn't be listed on the death certificate.

    An endless number of other examples could be given as to how using marijuana directly caused death or at least contributed to it, but marijuana wasn't listed as a cause of death. Which leads folks to believe that since marijuana isn't often listed on death certificates, that it must be a safe drug. Well, now you know otherwise.

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