The phone industry has a clever plan to stop spam robocalls

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    The phone industry has a clever plan to stop spam robocalls

    The deluge of spam robocalls has reached incredible heights this year, with up to 2.6 billion occurring in the month of May alone, according to the Federal Communications Commission. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down as calls are cheaper than ever to make on a massive scale.

    On the other side of the table, a suite of companies, government agencies, and trade groups are all working to solve the horrible scam. And the good news is that these groups have a plan.

    Despite bureaucratic challenges and an incredibly slow-moving and complex telecommunications industry, solutions are being fast tracked. The fight against robocalls is a top priority of FCC Chair Ajit Pai, and if everything goes well, the tide may turn in the robocall war in 2018.

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    This "clever plan" seems too easy for spammers to circumvent.

    These so-called spammers, in reality, virtually all of them are scammers. They are arch criminals, and need to be treated as such.

    The basic problem is a scammer in some remote village in Nigeria or elsewhere, can pester and steal from potentially many thousands of innocent people and businesses. Even thru law enforcement in their own country, they are difficult to catch and successfully prosecute.

    So there needs to be a concerted effort to block and eliminate phone service to these scammers. Any phone number not connected with a legitimate organization, that suddenly is placing thousands of phone calls to the United States, especially from a suspect country, that phone service needs to be quickly blocked and terminated.

    Because these scammers have hundreds if not sometimes thousands of different phone numbers, if one number gets terminated on their account, then all the numbers should be terminated. This would require cooperation from that suspect country's phone service providers with the explicit threat that if they don't help in the fight against scammers, then all their phone lines will be blocked from making calls into the United States. With this threat in mind, certainly these foreign phone companies would then make a determined effort to eliminate spammers/scammers from their customer base.

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