The Link Between Highly Processed Foods and Brain Health

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    The Link Between Highly Processed Foods and Brain Health

    Roughly 60% of the calories in the average American diet come from highly processed foods. We’ve known for decades that eating such packaged products — like some breakfast cereals, snack bars, frozen meals and virtually all packaged sweets, among many other things — is linked to unwelcome health outcomes, like an increased risk of diabetes, obesity and even cancer. But more recent studies point to another major downside to these often delicious, always convenient foods: They appear to have a significant impact on our minds, too.

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    The basic ideas used in the last two paragraphs of this article sure sound similar to those used in "The 50right Guide to Healthy Eating" on this forum under the heading of "Bread" which was posted over five years ago.

    If the author was indeed influenced by those words, and/or other words in this forum, then that's fine with me. Whatever it takes to spread the good word about healthy eating to help folks live a more enjoyable life.

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