The Final Case for Donald Trump

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    The Final Case for Donald Trump

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    Donald Trump is so superior to Hillary Clinton as a potential President of the United States, that it should not be debatable. Trump would be an excellent president, with the possibility of being a great president. While Hillary assuredly would be a disaster, an absolute catastrophe to our country. We don't need Nostradamus to foresee what would happen over the next four years under each administration.

    Under Hillary Clinton, the negativity would be never ending. She is by reputation a very nasty person. She seems to enjoy being condescending and talking down to people as if she is better than all of us. In her warped leftist mind, she really does believe that she is a superior being, illustrated by her own contemptible behavior over many years.

    Leftist politicians usually if not always think of themselves as the elite of society. The supreme rulers over subservient subjects who they wish to control for their own amusement and self-aggrandizement. Hillary fits that description to a tee.

    Her involvement with scandals and corruption is by far the worst in modern US political history. Nobody else, including Richard Nixon, comes remotely close. There is no doubt that Hillary believes that she is above the law. All of this would become markedly worse under her presidency.

    If she is elected, the chances of her sooner or later getting impeached, probably sooner, is virtually certain. Nothing of significance could possibly be accomplished in her administration, with congress constantly focused on investigating her non-stop criminal activities. Our country would languish with stagnant growth, continued debt, and societal decline even if Hillary was not a criminal, because she is so incompetent.

    Unfortunately for America under a Hillary Clinton regime, the world would not stand still as our country declines and stays embroiled in political turmoil. Our enemies will grow stronger as we get weaker, and they will become emboldened. Possibly to a point of thinking they could defeat us in a war. Either that or bullying a weak, feckless Hillary into capitulation to what they want.

    Hillary Clinton as president would place America in a dangerous predicament, perhaps deadly. She really is nothing but bad news for our country. Now for some good news. We can elect Donald Trump.

    To the naysayers out there who bash Trump for his caustic remarks. Let's repudiate those accusing him of saying profane things which supposedly upsets children. A child can watch any new sitcom on TV, especially cable TV, and hear all sorts of vulgar wisecracks, far worse than anything Trump says.

    Children are now proficient on computers at an early age. This is also the era of the internet. Dirty language and pictures are just a mouse click away. So unless a boy or girl has been kept in a cage, they have already seen and heard it all before. Thankfully they usually don't understand yet what it means.

    Then there are comments that Trump occasionally makes about women. Always in jest and meant to be humorous, sometimes in a biting way to express a point towards his opponents. These same sort of comments are made by most men, but normally in private. The infamous audio of Trump's comments recently released from eleven years ago, for which he was excoriated, in all fairness was simply private banter between men.

    Women as well sometimes make crude comments about men in their private chat sessions with each other, and they of course know that. So let's stop with the silly criticisms about Trump in this regard. Those adults most offended by Trump's remarks, could be the ones most guilty of doing the exact same thing.

    Anyone who wishes to be naive and think that presidents shouldn't act this way, should understand the reality of a treacherous world. We should want a president who occasionally uses rough words to make a strong point. A president has to send troops into combat when necessary to kill the enemy. We need a president with hard bark who can make tough decisions, not some thin-skinned liberal such as Hillary Clinton.

    Donald Trump is actually a perfect gentleman nearly all of the time. His opponents know this is true, but of course they won't admit it. Trump doesn't have a sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc, bone in his entire body and that has been proven over his whole life. He would have never been able to build a remarkable business in this day and age, if what his opponents call him was true.

    Donald Trump is a winner and a leader, and that is not debatable. Our country needs this right now in a big way with all the disconcerting problems that our country faces. Trump will do what's best for “We the People” and not cater to special interests which Hillary Clinton has always favored.

    Would rich people benefit from a Trump presidency? Yes they will and they should. Rich people are often job creators. The middle class and poor people will benefit from Trump as well with greater ability to make good money which means increased prosperity for all.

    Trump will be a president for all the people. For an America that was founded on opportunity and advancement, while maintaining freedom and liberty. What Trump offers is basically impossible if Hillary is in charge, because she doesn't believe in capitalism or certain parts of our constitution.

    Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is a hard core socialist. She believes in a Democratic Party owned and operated nanny state, with her as the boss, as a Queen of America. Hillary would consider it a compliment to be called Queen Hillary, and if she gains enough power, she may insist on it.

    Hopefully on November 8th, the majority of the electorate will just say no to Hillary Clinton. But that doesn't mean voting for Trump is just voting anti-Hillary. Voting for Trump is a vote for a dynamic financial future, and a safe and secure country for yourself, family and friends, and all of our fellow Americans. We are all in this great country together, and with the leadership of Donald Trump, he can bring us together for a common goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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    not as a contrary to what u are believing but now it is said trump is not good as what he promise to whole US citizens and i am so sad about it
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    I'm sad that you are sad, but I am glad that you care. And to me, caring is vitally important...caring about our country, and doing what we feel is necessary to make things better for everyone.

    President Trump is working hard to Make America Great Again. It hasn't been easy as we know, there is still a lot of work to be done.

    That being said, in my viewpoint, our country is making good progress. The economy is definitely doing better, and usually folks feel better when they've got more money to spend on themselves and their families.

    One really nice thing about Donald Trump, I do believe that deep down in his heart that he truly cares about all Americans, including the poor and downtrodden.

    You seem to have an open mind and I really like that in a person. I hope you give Trump a chance, and let's see how he does as time goes on. Hopefully one day you will turn from sad to glad with your feelings about Trump. :)

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