Taliban approach capital’s outskirts, attack northern city

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    Taliban approach capital’s outskirts, attack northern city

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban seized two more provinces on Saturday and approached the outskirts of Afghanistan’s capital while also launching a multi-pronged assault on a major northern city defended by former warlords, Afghan officials said.

    The insurgents have captured much of northern, western and southern Afghanistan in a breakneck offensive less than three weeks before the United States is set to withdraw its last troops, raising fears of a full militant takeover or another Afghan civil war.

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    First let's clear up some of the revisionist history going on in the liberal media. The US invaded Afghanistan for one reason and one reason only. The Taliban was harboring the mass murderer Osama Bin Laden who was responsible for the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. We Americans wanted Bin Laden brought to justice, dead or alive.

    Turns out that Bin Laden eventually found his way to Pakistan and holed up there for a number of years. CIA intelligence eventually found him, and in May 2011, a SEAL team bullet put an end to his life.

    Our mission in Afghanistan was over. Steps should have then been taken by then President Barack Obama to withdraw all troops from that putrid country and get the hell out of there, but he didn't.

    Barack Obama was inaugurated as president in January 2009. Without question, up until Joe Biden, Obama was by far the worst president in US history. After eight years as president, Obama still didn't have a clue about the job.

    Certainly Obama didn't have a clue in his third year when Bin Laden was terminated. And he didn't have a clue what to do after Bin Laden was finally gone.

    The strategy to find Bin Laden was put into place well before Obama became president. The hit on Bin Laden fell into Obama's lap. He always takes credit for the hit, but never accepts blame for unnecessarily staying there. Obama with his gross incompetence, continued on with the war in Afghanistan even though Bin Laden was dead, which resulted in an awful quagmire.

    Then in January 2017. Donald Trump was inaugurated as president. President Trump did a great job in his four years. However he made some mistakes, and one mistake was not planning almost immediately in his administration to expeditiously get us out of Afghanistan. Trump procrastinated about it, but finally an agreement was reached that the US would pull out of Afghanistan in May of 2021. Thank goodness it would finally be over, or so it seemed.

    Joe Biden became president in January 2021. As we all know, Biden is president in name only. Whatever he is, it certainly doesn't fit the requirement needed to be an effective president. Biden obviously doesn't have the cognizant reasoning to be Commander in Chief.

    Trump had everything all set-up for a timely and peaceful US withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Biden with his fecklessness has screwed it up. Now the situation is dire straights, with the possibility of more US troops getting killed, and a massive slaughter of Afghan civilians.

    Very sad and quite repugnant that the Biden administration along with the liberal media is already blaming Trump for this terrible mess. When Obama should have taken care of it years ago, and Biden had the solution handed to him on a silver platter and he dropped it.
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