Russia’s Brain Drain Becomes a Stampede for the Exits

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    Russia’s Brain Drain Becomes a Stampede for the Exits

    The country’s best and brightest see no future as long as their president is obsessed with the past.

    In Kyrgyzstan a member of parliament urgently called on the government to start creating jobs and setting up temporary housing for the information technology professionals who are arriving daily from Russia. Even a poor Central Asian nation that exports cheap migrant labor for Russian construction sites and fast-food restaurants looks like a safe haven to thousands of educated Russians fleeing the cataclysm Vladimir Putin created by invading Ukraine.

    This can no longer be described as a brain drain: It’s a stampede for the exits. Konstantin Sonin, an economist at the University of Chicago, has estimated that about 200,000 Russians fled in the first 10 days of the invasion—to Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey—any country that admits Russians visa-free. That’s a small number compared with the 2.8 million refugees who’ve left Ukraine, but then Russians, as citizens of the aggressor nation, don’t need to run for their lives.

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    It's interesting how this may compare to what Hitler did with Jews early in his reign. He allowed Jews to leave Germany in droves, including those who were top scientists. Those scientists who emigrated to America with expertise in physics, created the atomic bomb. Which helped us to win WW2 and prevented countless numbers of Allied casualties.

    It's entire arguable that if Hitler wasn't such a fervent bigot, the German Jews who were the top physics experts in the world at that time, would have stayed in Germany. Then Germany may have had atomic bombs first, and possibly won WW2.

    Jews pre-WW1 had settled in Germany for hundreds of years. They assimilated well into German society. Many had gallantly served in the German army, including WW1. So they were very loyal to their homeland. Of course that loyalty totally evaporated when Hitler came to power.

    Putin has made many mistakes in this war with Ukraine. He personally will never recover from these mistakes. Nobody again will ever trust Putin for as long as he lives.

    Now by allowing Jews and other smart people to leave Russia, Putin is ensuring the decline and degradation of Russia. A similar mistake that Adolf Hitler made which arguably cost him winning the war, and led to his eventual suicide to escape a date with the gallows. A similar fate may await Vladimir Putin. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

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