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    We will initiate more rules as needed. The premise is to make new rules only when necessary to strengthen our forum as it evolves and grows.

    1. Use common sense:

    We hope for a lot of members, however we prefer quality over quantity. There will be little or no deletion of posts from good members, as we value a dynamic exchange of ideas.

    2. How to post replies to news stories and articles:

    Underneath the news story or article where it says, "Write your reply" just type in your comment. Then click the "Post Reply" button.

    Only forum members can post. But you do not have to become a member to enjoy the forum. Guests are always welcome, and you can visit us and view the threads as much as you like.

    3. How to post news stories and articles:

    See examples of how it's already being done for guidance. Basically, post the headline and link, and a few paragraphs. Then express your viewpoint as you wish.

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