Republicans secure majority in House of Representatives

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    Republicans secure majority in House of Representatives

    Republicans passed the 218-seat threshold required to reach a majority

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    Well it took a week of ballot tabulating, but we finally got there to a nice win.

    Now we have a lot of work to do in order to at least stifle the malignant growth of leftism in our country. The House controls the money, so that should help greatly to achieve our goals.

    However there is still the massive corruption and criminality of the Biden administration which must be addressed. The new Republican House certainly will
    investigate all of this, and I think the impeachment of Joe Biden is likely.

    Unfortunately, it will be difficult to get an impeachment conviction in the Senate. That being said, it would send a strong message to Joe Biden and his leftist handlers that their continued trashing of our Constitutional laws is unacceptable.

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