Report: 55 Chicago Public Schools Have Zero Students Proficient in Math, Reading

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    Report: 55 Chicago Public Schools Have Zero Students Proficient in Math, Reading

    Dozens of Chicago schools have reportedly claimed none of their students are proficient in math or reading.

    Findings reported by Wirepoints are from the Illinois Department of Education’s 2022 data showing in 55 of the city’s public schools, zero students were proficient in those subjects, according to a Fox News article published Monday.

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    The fact is that the Democratic Party who controls these schools, has no intention of ever making this situation better to help students. Simply because a dumbed down population is much more likely to vote Democratic.

    Which is also why the Democratic Party has no interest whatsoever in doing anything about the massive drug problem in our country. Continued cannabis legalization is an important goal for Democrats, and not far behind is their ultimate desire for legalization of all illegal drugs, including cocaine, heroin, etc.

    Dumbed down, drugged-up voters are ideal for the Democratic Party. They will continue to encourage as many folks as possible to live this lifestyle. Whereby a socialist nanny state with Democrats in charge forever, takes care of all their voter's basic needs cradle to grave. In exchange for little or no freedom and liberty.

    Remember, the Democratic Party is the traditional party of slavery, and nothing has changed except they just shined up their act for modern times. These Democratic Party plantation owners of the past gave their slaves free food, free clothing, free shelter, free everything including free healthcare, in return for the slaves being subservient and doing what they were told. Today's Democratic Party has perpetrated this same trick to those impoverished in the inner cities, and the Democratic elite wishes to expand their ownership of people to everywhere in America.

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