Occupied Ukrainian city fears sham Russian referendum plans

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    Occupied Ukrainian city fears sham Russian referendum plans

    LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ever since Russian forces took the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson in early March, residents sensed the occupiers had a special plan for their town. Now, amid a crescendo of warnings from Ukraine that Russia plans to stage a sham referendum to transform the territory into a pro-Moscow “people’s republic,” it appears locals guessed right.

    .....The soldiers patrol and walk around silently.

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    This news story is another good illustration regarding the importance of our Second Amendment.

    In America, no occupying force, foreign or domestic, would dare "patrol and walk around silently" in the streets. For fear of getting shot and killed by the people, which would happen frequently.

    Guns help provide freedom and liberty from tyranny. Our great Founding Fathers knew this.

    The Second Amendment is as important today as it was back in 1776.

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