New report shows little business experience among Biden's economic teams

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    New report shows little business experience among Biden's economic teams

    WASHINGTON (TND) — As the bite of inflation continues to sting, those working to shape President Joe Biden’s economic policy are facing new scrutiny.

    A report released Wednesday by the conservative Committee to Unleash Prosperity found 62% of Biden’s top political appointees and staffers who deal with the economy, commerce and finance have virtually no business experience.

    “I think this explains why we’ve had such a lousy economy over the last year or so because the people in charge don’t really know anything about business,” said Stephen Moore, a former White House economic adviser who helped compile the Committee to Unleash Prosperity report.

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    We all know that Biden and his far left handlers have chosen leftism, race, gender, even transgender over talent. Which is exactly why they are the most incompetent administration in US history.

    Kamala Harris is a prime example of this. Without question it is hard to imagine a worse vice president than her. She would be better suited as "president of vice" as her rise thru the Democratic Party by sleeping her way to the top with those such as Willie Brown has been well documented.

    What is astonishing even for this inept administration, is putting together an economic team of which 62% of them have virtually no business experience. This is gross negligence perhaps on a criminal level. It's as though they want our country to fail and collapse, so they can rebuild America into their Marxist utopia.

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