More Americans under the age of 40 are having heart attacks

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    More Americans under the age of 40 are having heart attacks

    Days after Luke Perry’s death at 52 from a stroke, a new study on heart-attack rates has another grim reminder that the young are far from invincible — and maybe even more vulnerable than they used to be.

    Heart-attack rates are rising for adults under age 40, researchers found after comparing data of heart attack survivors ages 41 to 50 with those survivors who were 40 and younger.

    In fact, the proportion of heart-attack patients under age 40 has been climbing 2% every year for the last 10 years, according to findings slated for presentation at the American College of Cardiology’s annual scientific session later this month.

    The researchers tried to unearth the risk factors explaining the rise and said substance abuse might share part of the blame. The youngest patients were more likely to use marijuana and cocaine compared to slightly older counterparts, even if they drank less alcohol.

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    Good to see more information getting out there about how marijuana is definitely not the safe and harmless drug that many out there are promoting.

    There are generally two types of people who express the false view about marijuana being safe. One type is obviously the marijuana industry who is grossly profiting from its legalization, and they want that legalization to spread. They figure if everyone is fooled into believing that marijuana is safe, that the chances will increase of legalization nationwide.

    The other type are cannabis addicts who love their addiction so much, that they prefer to fool themselves into believing their beloved drug is not harmful. Cannabis addicts are so delusional and brainwashed, that a number of them actually believe that cannabis is healthy.

    So far, the cannabis industry propaganda has been relatively successful. Similar to the way tobacco industry propaganda was successful in the past. But of course when too many people began dying from lung cancer and other smoking related diseases, the truth about cigarettes finally was fully exposed.

    Young people now having heart attacks and strokes at too early of an age, could be a first step in fully exposing to the public the grave danger of using marijuana.

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