Maduro faces off with US over Venezuela rival’s power claim

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    Maduro faces off with US over Venezuela rival’s power claim

    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelans headed into uncharted political waters Thursday, with the young leader of a newly united and combative opposition claiming to hold the presidency and socialist President Nicolas Maduro digging in for a fight with the Trump administration.

    Violence flared again Wednesday during big anti-government demonstrations across Venezuela, and at least seven protesters were reported killed in the escalating confrontation with Maduro, who has been increasingly accused of undemocratic behavior by the United States and many other nations in the region.

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    This could get very interesting.

    If Trump decides to intervene and send US troops in there to support freedom and liberty for the Venezuelan people against decades of leftist tyranny and abject failure, it would have my full support.

    I have no doubt that virtually all of the Venezuelan people would be celebrating joyously in the streets if we helped them overthrow the leftist tyrant Maduro.

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