Left Joins Conservatives in Uproar over Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’

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    Left Joins Conservatives in Uproar over Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’

    An angry firestorm from both leftwing feminists and conservative constitutionalists is besieging President Joe Biden who, on Day One of his presidency, issued an executive order that removes any legal recognition of the two sexes and eradicates protections women have enjoyed in the federal government and other arenas such as bathroom privacy and sports.

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    A major point that is often lost in the continuous debate on this subject...is yes, we must protect the rights of the minority, but also not trample on the rights of the majority.

    Those who wish for transgender males to be able to compete in girl's athletics, and take away the girl's awards including college scholarships, as well as forcing girls to tolerate these deviant males staring at them in bathrooms and locker rooms, is a disgrace that is totally unacceptable.

    Without question this executive order by Joe Biden, tramples on the rights of women and badly exploits young girls by denying them the right to privacy.

    Joe Biden is notorious for groping young girls in public. A perversion of his which for that alone, should have disqualified him from ever being elected president. So it's not surprising that President Biden would take personal pleasure in signing an order that would make his sickening behavior of exploiting young girls seem normal.

    Once again, it's the left shoving their intolerable viewpoints down the throats of the rest of us. The inalienable rights of the majority doesn't matter to the left, as long as they obtain ultimate power and control.

    It is interesting though in this case, that Biden's ideas are so horribly repugnant, that even some on the left are parting company with him.

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