Judge rules Aurora shooting victims have to pay a giant theater chain $700,000 in legal fees

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    Judge rules Aurora shooting victims have to pay a giant theater chain $700,000 in legal fees

    A survivor of the Aurora movie theater massacre said he believes "everything was for naught" after a failed lawsuit against theater owner Cinemark left four survivors on the hook for more than $700,000 owed to the company.

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    Of course the chances of Cinemark getting any money out of this are slim to none. I doubt that Cinemark is going to sue these people for the money, at the risk of bad publicity.

    The lesson to come out of this news story is that tort reform is badly needed in our country. Trial lawyers are rampantly extorting money thru the legal system from companies with deep pockets. That winds up costing all of us more money for goods and services, especially medical services and health insurance.

    In a nutshell, the basic tort reform needed is that the plaintiff's lawyer, if they lose the case, must automatically be responsible for the defendant's legal fees, up to the full amount if the plaintiff is unable to pay. For example, if the contingency fee is 40%, the plaintiff's lawyer should be held legally responsible for 40% of the defendant's legal fees. But if the plaintiff's attorney took the case knowing full well that their client would never be able to pay any of the defendant's legal fees if the case was lost, then that lawyer should be legally responsible for the full amount.

    In my opinion, this would help cut out perhaps 90% or more of frivolous lawsuits, designed not to win in court, but simply to run up the defendant's legal bills to the point whereby the defendant wishes to settle rather than continue the expensive cost of defending the case.

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