I went to a Trump rally yesterday. Great enthusiasm, great people.

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    I went to a Trump rally yesterday. Great enthusiasm, great people.

    Article from 50right.com

    Donald Trump as usual was energetic and positive, and gave an excellent speech. Everyone was having a good time, cheerful and optimistic, and anti-Hillary for sure. We all know what a disaster Hillary Clinton as president would be for our country.

    Hillary Clinton rallies are normally events with small crowds of starry eyed minions, displaying hero worship towards their socialist idol Hillary Clinton who promises them the moon and the stars, along with some galaxies. There was none of that nonsense at the Trump rally. The room was filled with respectful, intelligent, patriotic people who love America and wish to see us improve and get stronger.

    I'm glad Trump mentioned the Philippines early in his speech. Obama just basically lost a long standing close ally, harming a warm relationship between the American and Filipino people. China and Russia are now best friends with the Philippines' leader. Hopefully that can be reversed in the future by a Republican president.

    The Philippines wasn't some “for sale” ally whereby the United States gives money to a country in exchange for their so-called friendship. The Philippines was a genuine friend, and now they are gone. This is another failure in the malignantly growing list of failures from the feckless leadership of Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

    The backlash of Obama/Hillary failures are getting markedly worse as time goes on. These abysmal failures would no doubt continue under a Hillary Clinton administration. How bad it could get is anyone's guess, but there is no question, it would be very bad. Our opponents and enemies around the world are salivating at the possibility of Hillary becoming president.

    Of course the liberal media and Democratic Party spew their propaganda every chance they get. They have barely mentioned this sad situation with the Philippines. Instead they are always touting Obama and his opening up relations with Cuba. Obama has embraced the Castro brothers, two malevolent dictators who have American blood on their hands, and have murdered countless innocent lives.

    The Castro brothers are among the worst dictators of the past 50 years. Yet the liberal media and Democratic Party adore the Castros as if they are now friends with our country. The Castros are not friends of America and they never will be.

    Our country is falling apart. The liberal media which in reality is now a leftist media, doesn't accurately report the decline of America, foreign and domestic, these past 8 years. The low information voters, such as those at the Hillary Clinton rallies, are swayed by this leftist propaganda. Making them believe that everything is coming up roses, when actually it's weeds covered up in red spray paint.

    Trump supporters know better. We aren't wearing rose colored glasses like Obama/Hillary lovers do. We fully understand what needs to be done in order to make our country great again. We hope that the majority of the electorate understands as well, and votes Donald Trump for President of the United States.

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