Hugh Hefner's ex calls him a 'monster' as she recalls traumatic relationship

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    Hugh Hefner's ex calls him a 'monster' as she recalls traumatic relationship

    Monday's episode of Secrets of Playboy featured many disturbing claims about Hugh Hefner and the depravity that went on at the Playboy Mansion. Hefner's ex-girlfriend, Sondra Theodore, emotionally opened up about her five-year relationship with the Playboy founder, declaring him "a monster."

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    Hugh Hefner died in 2017 at the age of 91.

    Hefner's magazine called Playboy, was always known as a bastion of liberalism. The magazine articles regarding political and social commentary were always liberal and sometimes left. But I hadn't seen a Playboy magazine in well over thirty years. So it wouldn't surprise me if his articles over that time morphed into far left.

    Now it's coming out from a number of women about how maliciously Hefner treated them.

    Interesting that Hefner was close friends with Bill Cosby. I'd have to believe that they likely shared their stories about "conquering" women using drugs and other means. Probably had some good laughs about the various techniques they used.

    Bill Cosby was convicted of assorted crimes against women, and sentenced to prison. Unfortunately he was released on a legal technicality.

    Based on what I've read, seems to me that the only difference between what Hefner and Cosby did to women, was Hefner paid them.

    So publicly, Hefner was all for women's rights, etc. Yet privately he treated his women like dirt. But I guess he paid them well so in his twisted mind, that gave him license to abuse them, which is a form of leftist ideology.

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