For the Love of God, Will Someone Put ‘Jurassic World’ Out of Its Misery?

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    For the Love of God, Will Someone Put ‘Jurassic World’ Out of Its Misery?

    Most sequels, prequels and remakes have some vague reason for justifying their existence. Not the Jurassic Park-Jurassic World franchise. They just keep on coming for no other purpose than to cash in on a proven formula marketed for undemanding audiences who just can’t get enough of T-Rexes and flying pterodactyls, and are always willing to plunk down more hard-earned money to scream their way through another excess of what they’ve already seen before. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the latest installment, has more dinosaurs, more screams, and more general chaos, but doesn’t make a single move to explore a fresh idea or add a new slant on a tired old formula. As brainless summer-escapism movies go, this one can’t go fast enough.

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    Note that I haven't seen this movie and likely will never see this movie. But what Rex Reed is saying isn't anything new. It's simply the same old formula as any Hollywood genre of movies.

    Take Westerns for example. There are some classics such as High Noon and Unforgiven, but also quite a lot of poorly acted stinkers.

    So Hollywood producing another boring dinosaur movie, certainly shouldn't be a big surprise. As long as people will shell out money to see whatever they produce, they will keep on producing it.

    The basic problem with Hollywood today isn't that they produce boring movies, it's them placing a far left slant into almost every plot.

    Hollywood has leaned left for a long time, so left wing ideas in their movies is nothing new. However now with Hollywood movies, it is leftism on steroids, interjecting their far left socialist views at every opportunity.

    The major reason that Hollywood has been in a state of precipitous decline is because of ramming far left wing politics down the throats of their viewing audience. That strategy basically alienates around two thirds of their potential customers. Which is a screenplay written for the genre of bankruptcy.

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