Elon Musk could kill Trump’s social media company

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    Elon Musk could kill Trump’s social media company

    Let’s play this out. Trillionaire-to-be Elon Musk has made a juicy offer to buy Twitter, offering $54.20 per share to buy the whole thing and take it private. That’s 18% above the pre-offer closing price, and about 15% higher than the post-offer price. Twitter may fight the offer, defeating Musk's takeover bid. But Musk could also raise his price and end up with Twitter, which at a valuation of $45 billion or so would be a small piece of Musk’s growing portfolio of companies, which includes Tesla, SpaceX and others.

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    The writer, Rick Newman, is a leftist hack. So his comments about Trump are of course going to be derogatory. However the general info in the article is interesting about the situation regarding Trump, Twitter, and DWAC. Especially as we head towards the midterms in November and then to the ultra important 2024 presidential race.

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