Donald Trump to Speak at Libertarian Party National Convention

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    Donald Trump to Speak at Libertarian Party National Convention

    Trump said in a statement:
    Libertarians are some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers in our Country, and I am honored to join them in Washington, DC, later this month. We must all work together to help advance freedom and liberty for every American, and a second Trump Administration will achieve that goal. I look forward to speaking at the Libertarian Event, which will be attended by many of my great friends.

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    Libertarians and other patriotic Americans who wish for America's success, are all beginning to fully realize that we must band together in November, to soundly defeat the malignancy of today's Democrat Party.

    Even a number of Democrat Party members are realizing that their party has gone off the rails, becoming a party that promotes the failed ideologies of history. Which are diametrically opposed to our US Constitution and American values.

    Perhaps one day, new leaders of the Democrat Party will once again make it a reasonable party. But until then, the only choice is to vote out as many Democrat politicians as we can.

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