DHS chief says border numbers on track to be highest in 20 years, concedes situation is 'difficult'

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    DHS chief says border numbers on track to be highest in 20 years, concedes situation is 'difficult'

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday said that the U.S. is on track to encounter more migrants than it has in the last 20 years, as he defended the administration’s approach to a border surge that he described as "difficult" – but again fell short of calling it a crisis.

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    President Trump had this migrant situation well under control, until the American voting system thru actual votes or Democratic Party cheating, foolishly fired him for the senile dope named Joe Biden.

    This migrant situation which really should be called an invasion, is a grave danger to the safety and security of our nation.

    These invaders carry all sorts of disease, possibly including mutated strains of covid of which there is no vaccine. That alone could potentially kill millions of Americans.

    A number of these invaders are criminals. Gangs such as MS-13 are infamous for being some of the most violent criminals in American history.

    Financially we cannot afford this. The US is already 28 trillion dollars in debt. Whatever money the government has, should be geared towards Americans, not towards helping invaders to come here, and support them and their non-working families.

    In summary, these invaders bring mostly disease, crime, expense, and misery to the rest of us.

    We all know the Democrats wish to do this for one reason and one reason only...to expand their voter base. Democrats are willing to ruin our country as we know it, simply to try and gain ultimate political power.

    Today's Democratic Party politicians are by far the most despicable politicians in US history. Their quest for ultimate political power is insatiable. They must be stopped. There is no other choice if we wish to continue to enjoy freedom and liberty in this great country.
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    Biden tells migrants not to come to US: 'Don't leave your town'

    (CNN)President Joe Biden discouraged would-be migrants from coming to the United States as his administration scrambles to respond to a surge of unaccompanied migrant children coming into the US.

    "I can say quite clearly: Don't come," Biden told ABC in an interview aired on Tuesday.

    The President continued: "We're in the process of getting set up, don't leave your town or city or community."

    There's been a major spike in the number of migrant children in US custody. More than 4,000 migrant children are in Border Patrol custody, stretching federal resources for shelter space thin. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement on Tuesday that "we are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years."

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    Feed 100 squirrels, next thing ya know you've got 200 squirrels.

    Feed 100 migrants, next thing ya know you've got 200 million migrants.
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    Trump Thumps Biden: He Turned a ‘National Triumph into a National Disaster’

    President Joe Biden’s easy-migration strategy has converted a “national triumph into a national disaster,” former President Donald Trump said in a March 21 statement:

    We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history. All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.

    The pathetic, clueless performance of Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas on the Sunday Shows today was a national disgrace. His self-satisfied presentation—in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer—is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS. Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited abilities should understand that if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will come.

    Furthermore, the Mayorkas Gag Order on our Nation’s heroic border agents and ICE officers should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation. But it’s clear they are engaged in a huge cover-up to hide just how bad things truly are. The only way to end the Biden Border Crisis is for them to admit their total failure and adopt the profoundly effective, proven Trump policies.

    They must immediately complete the wall, which can be done in a matter of weeks—they should never have stopped it. They are causing death and human tragedy. In addition to the obvious, drugs are pouring into our country at record levels from the Southern Border, not to mention human and sex trafficking. This Administration’s reckless policies are enabling and encouraging crimes against humanity. Our Country is being destroyed!

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