DeSantis touts ‘win for the ages’ as he and Rubio score big victories, shading purple Florida red

Discussion in 'US and World News' started by Stephen, Nov 9, 2022.

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    DeSantis touts ‘win for the ages’ as he and Rubio score big victories, shading purple Florida red

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    I'm not going to whitewash it. It was a bad night politically. Not very bad, but "bad" I would say considering the high expectations. However there's no crying in politics.

    Seems like the best we can do in the Senate is a push, and that is if Walker wins the Georgia runoff election in thirty days.

    The House is still undecided, but the chances still look very good for our side winning that.

    Yes very disappointing, but not hopeless. Controlling the House is where the money is. So in that regard, if/when we win that, it will at least be a big plus.

    I think basically this result may end Donald Trump's political career. Since he strongly endorsed a number of these losers. Our candidates who won were favorites anyway, and would have won without his endorsement.

    So it's time to say goodbye to an old friend Donald Trump, and welcome a new friend Ron DeSantis, as giving us by far, the best chance to win the presidency in 2024.
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    Ron DeSantis is the new Republican Party leader

    Republicans are ready to move on without Donald Trump

    The biggest winner of the midterm elections was without a doubt Governor Ron DeSantis, whose landslide victory in the state of Florida was breathtaking.

    The biggest loser? Donald Trump, whose hand-picked loyalist candidates in a number of races struggled to beat vulnerable Democrats. Once again, the former president may have cost Republicans control of the senate, in a year when it was theirs to lose.

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    Every Trump supporter would vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024. They maybe won't in the primary, but in the 2024 presidential election they would.

    However I don't think that every current DeSantis supporter or potential DeSantis supporter would vote for Donald Trump for president.

    It's all about numbers, and we must have better numbers in 2024. DeSantis gives us the best opportunity for the highest numbers.

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