Debunking Biden's 4 biggest lies about the economy

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    Debunking Biden's 4 biggest lies about the economy

    Biden’s foolish policies have made the US economy substantially weaker

    President Joe Biden has a well-documented history of exaggerating his accomplishments while downplaying his failures. But in recent months, the president has taken this dishonest strategy to a whole new level, routinely misleading the American people to score political points, especially on topics related to economic growth.

    The following are four of Biden’s biggest lies about the economy, as well as the data you need to prove to friends and family that the White House has not been nearly as successful as it has been claiming.

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    Excellent article. The problem is too many in today's population won't see the info or if they see it, then they won't believe it.

    That being said, we still must push forward and continue to do what it takes to get the truth out there and make sure the ignorant folks get informed, and it begins with suburban women. We must win that voting block in 2024 to have any chance at winning the presidential election no matter who is the Republican candidate.

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