Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump is Also Used.....

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    Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!

    A so-called computer ‘glitch’ fix in one of Michigan’s counties has led to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump. The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the fix since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

    The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans.

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    The more evidence that keeps coming out about this election fraud, the more it needs to be thoroughly investigated, and it must be done quickly. Our Constitution specifies that the term of an elected president begins on January 20th of the year following the election. Resolving this in Trump's favor after Biden gets sworn in, might be too late.

    This particular story is likely just the tip of the iceberg as to the scope of the corruption involved in this 2020 election by the Democratic Party, including the Senate and House results.

    I think we are all beginning to realize that legitimate voting gave President Trump a fairly easy re-election victory.
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    Software that ‘Glitched’ in MI, GA, Incorrectly Gave Biden 1000s of Votes, Used in 28 States

    The election software that “glitched” in both Georgia and Michigan — which in Michigan’s case, incorrectly gave Joe Biden thousands of votes — is being used in 28 states, according to the software company’s website.

    The software company, Dominion Voting Systems, “glitched” in Michigan, causing thousands of ballots that were meant for Republican candidates to be wrongly counted for Democrats in the state’s Antrim County. Antrim is also one of 47 counties in Michigan that uses the same software that experienced this “glitch.”

    The presidential election results for Antrim County were later corrected, flipping the county from Joe Biden to President Donald Trump after the “glitch” was fixed.

    .....“Dominion is ready to make a difference in your next election,” the company advertises on its website.

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    Yes, it certainly did make a "difference" didn't it?

    This "glitch" has to be thoroughly investigated everywhere this software was used. Since it happened in Michigan and Georgia, it could have happened in any other, if not every other state.

    All of this must be done quickly.
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    Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

    The great Sidney Powell was on Mornings with Maria and she unloaded on the monstrous amount of Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election. But during this discussion Maria Bartiromo dropped a bomb as well.

    During her discussion with Sidney Powell, Maria Bartiromo shared the following about the firm that runs the application used in Michigan where thousands of Trump votes were switched to Joe Biden.

    Maria Bartiromo: I’ve also seen reports that Nancy Pelosi’s longtime Chief of Staff is a key executive of that company. Richard Bloom, Senator Feinstein’s husband is a significant shareholder of this company.

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    The election results of every state using this software, with Republican urging, should be declared null and void because clearly this was a conflict of interest.

    It's not even debatable.
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    We are a nation of laws, and last time I checked, voter fraud is against the law. In fact it is a felony.

    A fraudulent tabulation of votes is not a legitimate election. Therefore the current election result with Joe Biden as the winner is invalid. Perhaps this is all the Supreme Court really has to rule on?

    So invalidate this election, and in the swing states, each and every vote should confirmed and properly tabulated before the actual winner can be declared.
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    One of Many IT Heroes Uncovers Damning Evidence Regarding Potential for Fraud Within Dominion Voting Machines

    A series of tweets by an IT specialist destroy almost any confidence in a protected control environment surrounding the Dominion voting machines.

    Numerous heroes around the US and around the globe are pitching in to offer their expertise to save the nation and our individual freedoms. No American in good conscious wants a stolen election marred with fraud to stand.

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