Companies that loudly supported BLM fall silent when confronted with skyrocketing Black murders

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    Companies that loudly supported BLM fall silent when confronted with skyrocketing Black murders

    Corporate voices boomed across the nation in support of Black Lives Matter and various social justice initiatives following the death of George Floyd in 2020. Nearly two years later, what was left in the wake of 2020 was a drastic spike Black murders with experts pinning blame on the BLM and defund the police movements.

    ....."Unfortunately, BLMGNF has intimidated the leaders of some of America’s largest corporations into paying fealty to its harmful and deceptive narrative," LeVell wrote in the Tennessee Star on Thursday. "Rather than challenging the Marxist provocateurs at BLMGNF, corporate leaders have prostrated themselves and even donated shareholder resources to a cause that is intrinsically opposed to free markets, individual liberties, law and order, and everything else that allows American businesses to thrive."

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    We've been saying everything negative mentioned in this article about Black Lives Matter since its inception. It was obvious from the start that BLM was a racist hate group. Soon afterwards. they learned how to extort money from timid CEO's who were afraid that BLM might harm their companies or even their families if shakedown money wasn't paid.

    The results? Well the BLM founders are now living the life of luxury in their multi-million dollar mansions, while black crime is running rampant in the inner cities.

    Obviously black criminals, a fringe but highly dangerous element in black society, became emboldened by BLM.

    It is interesting that liberal/leftist Yahoo would publish an article such as this. As Yahoo has always extolled the virtues of BLM. My guess is the editors at Yahoo are deathly afraid of what they know is coming in the midterms. A historic red wave, and by going back to the center, they think that maybe they can stem the tide.

    Don't be fooled by this. After the midterms are over, the fake news media will go right back to being the liberals/leftists that they always were.

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