Burlington, Vermont, decided to cut its police force 30 percent. Here’s what happened next.

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    Burlington, Vermont, decided to cut its police force 30 percent. Here’s what happened next.

    .....Asked whether “there was an acknowledgment” that the cuts were too deep and too fast, she said, “I think that there’s an acknowledgment that these cuts went too fast for the pace of the alternatives.”

    Asked whether she wished she and the council could go back and do it differently, she said, “If wishes were fishes, yeah, of course.”

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    As usual, articles from left leaning Yahoo are far too long and always have a liberal slant, if not sometimes full blown leftist propaganda. This one is a bit of everything.

    Bottom line as perhaps most if not all liberals know by now, defunding the police is a terrible idea. Which will windup being fatal to some victims of crime whereby the violence wouldn't have occurred if police officers were there to help.

    Leftist politicians are infamous for making mountains out of molehills. They see one cop somewhere kill a criminal in some arrest procedure they didn't like, and then want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Okay, enough clichés for one paragraph. However the point of these clichés are relevant to standard practices in Democratic Party controlled government, that perpetrate poor policy decisions.

    One important thing these Burlington VT leftist politicians didn't think through when implementing this obviously bad idea, is the repercussions beyond just increased crime from the local criminals. What also happens is criminals from elsewhere read about how a certain town defunded the police, and then they gravitate to that area to make their crimes easier to commit, with less likelihood of getting caught. Which is a win-win scenario for criminals, but a lose-lose for local citizens.

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