Biden Wants to Shut Down Credit Bureaus – What Would That Mean for You?

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    Biden Wants to Shut Down Credit Bureaus – What Would That Mean for You?

    One of the more fascinating platform items of the Biden presidential campaign was the idea of transferring consumer credit ratings from Equifax (NYSE: EFX), Experian PLC (OTC: EXPGY) and TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) to a public registry under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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    The leftist Democratic Party with Joe Biden currently in charge, once again displays their loathing of capitalism, and their desire to turn America into a socialist/communist totalitarian state with themselves permanently in control.

    Third Reich tactics are encroaching on us.

    The article comes from Yahoo which is a well known mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. The article says the premise is "fascinating." Actually there is nothing fascinating about it. In reality the premise is absurd.

    No individual or company willing to extend credit, is forced to use the three mentioned credit bureaus. They can use other credit bureaus, their own applications, or other various ways, in order to determine the credit worthiness of an applicant.

    Any public registry such as this under government control, will be so full of errors, that it would be rendered useless. Much of the system of credit in our country would basically break down.

    But this is exactly what all leftists desire. They want our country to break down, they want our Constitution to be abolished, and they want a brand new flag.

    Leftists won't be satisfied until they turn America into their vision of utopia. Which means a great life for the liberal elite rich, and poverty for the rest of us.

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