Biden to pull U.S. Afghanistan troops by 9/11

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    Biden to pull U.S. Afghanistan troops by 9/11

    .....Biden's decision would miss a May 1 deadline for withdrawal agreed with Taliban insurgents by former President Donald Trump's administration.

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    Of course Yahoo News is a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, so the headline is very misleading as if Joe Biden accomplished something.

    The article waits until the eighth paragraph to state that President Trump had already successfully negotiated this. All Biden had to do as Commander in Chief was pull our troops out on May 1, and that would have been the end of it.

    However for some inexplicable reason, certainly incompetence is part of it, Biden decided that we might not finally pull out of Afghanistan until September 11th.

    Biden's handlers may have done this for political reasons, as they probably think that pulling out on 9/11, sounds better than 5/1. Although it's doubtful that any of our brave soldiers who risk getting injured or killed over an unnecessary four month span, feel the same way.

    Frankly, Afghanistan is one of the few mistakes that President Trump made during his four years in office. Trump should have pulled our troops out of Afghanistan years earlier, and out of Iraq as well.

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