As Russia's Military Stumbles, Its Adversaries Take Note

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    As Russia's Military Stumbles, Its Adversaries Take Note

    CONSTANTA, Romania — When it comes to war, generals say that “mass matters.”

    But nearly two weeks into President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — Europe’s largest land war since 1945 — the image of a Russian military as one that other countries should fear, let alone emulate, has been shattered.

    Ukraine’s military, which is dwarfed by the Russian force in most ways, has somehow managed to stymie its opponent. Ukrainian soldiers have killed more than 3,000 Russian troops, according to conservative estimates by U.S. officials.

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    I like that number 3,000. Maybe it eventually goes to 30,000 and more.

    Stack-up those dead Russian soldiers, and send them home packed like sardines in railroad cars.

    I personally like the Russian people. But unfortunately killing many thousands of their soldiers in this war, may be the only thing that gets the rest of them properly motivated to finally rise up and get rid of Vladimir Putin.

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