American Progressives Inspired Hitler (and Vice Versa)

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    American Progressives Inspired Hitler (and Vice Versa)

    In case you’ve ever wondered where German leader Adolf Hitler got his ideas on how to purify German society, especially through medical experimentation on people, the answer is: American progressives and, specifically, their eugenics program.

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    Hitler was much more left, than he was right. Yes, Hitler came to power with various right wing ideas. But basically he ruled from the left, and towards the end of his reign, he was far left.

    For example, Hitler told his inner circle sometime after the war began, that when the Nazis win the war, he planned to purge Germany of Christianity. Can't get much more far left than that.

    Sadly, many American history books, especially those used in public schools, are written by liberal authors, and they don't wish to equate Hitler with the progressive movement. Simply because these authors are mostly Democrats, and the progressive movement eventually morphed into the Democratic Party.

    The official name of the Nazi Party is the "National Socialist German Workers' Party." Note the word "socialist" in there of which the Democratic Party is associated with socialism. Yet in all the history books K-12 during my time in school, I don't recall ever seeing the Nazi Party name spelled out.

    Unfortunately, the Nazi Party and World War 2 was the most influential event in the 20th century. That's not even debatable. The repercussions from that war are still widely felt today even over twenty years into the 21st century. For anyone knowledgeable about that era to not represent the Nazi Party as a socialist party is very misleading and disingenuous.

    So rather than telling the truth, these liberal authors of history books instead prefer to write revisionist history regarding the political leanings of Adolf Hitler.

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