Allen West slams 'woke mob' for swarming his speech

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    Allen West slams 'woke mob' for swarming his speech

    Former Florida congressman and Texas gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. Allen West joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend' on Sunday to discuss the controversy surrounding his recent visit to the University at Buffalo where his speech on American exceptionalism roused a slew of unruly student protesters.

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    Further proof that the left, IE the Democratic Party, only loves black people just as long as they do what they're told and stay on the Democratic Party plantation.

    The Democratic Party is fine with blacks who excel in sports, music, entertainment, and other fields, but only when they gleefully obey Democratic Party leaders.

    What angers the Democratic Party and their minions such as these woke college students, are conservative blacks such as Allen West who honor our Constitution, salute our flag, and overall want freedom and liberty for everyone.

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