Afghanistan girls school bombing death toll soars to 50

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    Afghanistan girls school bombing death toll soars to 50

    Fears of even more violence growing as the U.S. and NATO complete their final military withdrawal from the country

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    They say that even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn. Joe Biden is a blind squirrel leader at best. However in this case, at least Biden wisely decided to continue with the steps that President Trump had put in place, and get our country the hell out of Afghanistan.

    Frankly, it was previously advised on this forum that Trump pull us out of Afghanistan a few years ago. It's spilled milk to discuss it now, but taking this action as well as a few other things, and Trump might still be president, despite the corona virus.

    Some years ago, the government of Afghanistan sold its mineral rights to China, despite America spilling much blood and treasure to protect them. That took some gall on their part, ingratitude on an irrational scale, and we should have immediately pulled out then. Our country helps them enormously, and all we receive is a slap in the face.

    The fact is that Afghanistan didn't like us before we went in to find Bin Laden, and they certainly don't like us now. They will continue to loathe us after we leave. Of course they still want us to stay, and continue to spill our blood and treasure for them. But it's long past the time for us to leave, and so we shall.

    The Afghan leaders there had ample time to plan for this eventuality. So any problems between them and the Taliban is their responsibility, and not the responsibility of the United States.

    The bottom line is that these Muslim tribes in that area have been slaughtering each other for hundreds of years, and it will likely continue. If the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, there will eventually be another Muslim group that rises up in anger, and the cycle of bloodshed will begin again. All this violence and war is their problem, not the problem of the United States. As we cannot be the policeman of the world, especially in a country that basically hates our guts anyway.

    It is said by some that if we vacate Afghanistan, then terrorist groups will find a safe haven there, and may begin to form and then eventually spread to harm Americans around the world. Well if that does occur, then firing some cruise missiles at selected targets should be good enough to put a stop to any of that. The last thing a terrorist leader wishes to see while he is out for a leisurely drive, is a cruise missile headed towards him at supersonic speed.

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