A sense of urgency needs to happen in the Trump campaign, face reality and suggestions to win

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    A sense of urgency needs to happen now in the Trump campaign, face reality and suggestions to win.

    Well, sadly we can whitewash it any way we want, it's basically fact at this point, that it's Hillary Clinton's election to lose. She is going to have to make a major mistake or some sort of major revelation is going to have to come out, or this socialist disease will be the next POTUS.

    Basically for the next month, her leftist handlers are going to have her say as little as possible, and keep her public appearances as infrequent as possible, and basically just ride it out with her big enough polling lead.

    The basic problem here is I'm afraid that the left hasn't stop pounding on Trump yet. They've likely got a lot more "ammunition" to use yet. Perhaps more tapes, more videos, more false allegations that the liberal media will report as the truth, etc. It's a bad situation right now, and could very possibly get worse for Trump.

    If there is any good news at all, I don't expect us to lose the House, and there is a decent chance we could still keep the Senate, although I'm not certain about the latter. I think many out there who may not vote for Trump, realize and understand how potentially flawed Hillary Clinton would be as POTUS, and may split their ticket with Ms Crooked at the top but they will still vote for their Republican senator.

    This is the only way I see Trump winning at this point:

    1. Release the damn tax returns. Change the narrative somehow and get folks focused on numbers and the economy. Trump can spend his time grabbing the media limelight again, and while quickly explaining his tax returns, he can then reinvigorate his great message at the same time.

    2. I want to see more negative advertising against Hillary. I'm sick and tired of hearing Trump brag about his frugal campaign that is spending much less than Hillary. F**k frugal at this point. Come on Donald, spend your money like you promised, a billion of it if you have to, and flood the airwaves with countless negatives about Crooked Hillary. There are a boatload of Clinton negatives out there, and frankly, I don't see Trump using ads in the best way to win this thing. The need to push hard on the narrative about the rampant scandal and corruption with Benghazi, deleted emails, Clinton Foundation, etc, is painfully obvious, but I don't see enough of it, and it's not hitting hard enough.

    3. We need MUD. Stop trying to run a campaign like Ike or Reagan. That is obviously not going to work in 2016. Get in the mud, roll around in it, enjoy it, savor it, love it, and use it to your advantage. For example, if I was his campaign manager, I would blast all over the airwaves the conjecture news story which I believe to be fact, about Bill Clinton's likely pedophilia escapades on Epstein's Island. People in America have a high tolerance for what adults do in the privacy of their homes, however child exploitation in not one of them and never will be. Send a team down there now, and find some of those child prostitutes, make a deal with them, to talk about what Bill Clinton did. Nobody is going to want a pedophile as First Gentleman and a president who knew about it and said nothing...see Joe Paterno as an example of what happens when not informing on pedophile incidents. I do believe at least some of those deleted emails from Hillary contained information about Bill Clinton and Epstein's Island.

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