A marijuana company has bought a California ghost town to turn it into a pot-tourism destination

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    A marijuana company has bought a California ghost town to turn it into a pot-tourism destination

    .....American Green, a marijuana-focused technology company and consultancy, has purchased the small town for close to $5 million with plans to turn Nipton into a pot-tourism destination.

    The company envisions Nipton (population: 6, according to the last count in 2016) as a ganja-paradise, where visitors might someday tour a marijuana farm, shop the dispensaries, take a dip in the natural spring baths, and enjoy a toke outside a pot-friendly bed-and-breakfast.

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    The malignant growth of marijuana and other illegal mind altering drugs truly has reached epidemic proportions in our country. This idea of turning an entire town into a cannabis den is despicable beyond belief.

    Of course the liberal media will support this as a good thing because they are hopeful for advertising revenue from the marijuana sellers.

    The bottom line is that marijuana use is banned by federal law. Those laws need to be enforced and not allow liberal states to turn their citizens into drug addicted zombies, which benefits the Democratic Party.

    The fact is that marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs. Not for every cannabis user but certainly with too many. Anyway, even if marijuana wasn't a gateway drug, it is far too dangerous and deadly to allow it to become legal.

    Keep marijuana illegal as it should be as it is a scourge upon society.
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    Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Pot-Friendly Outpost

    American Green Inc., a maker of cannabis products, is taking an unusual step to attract new customers as it capitalizes on California legalizing marijuana: It’s buying an entire town.

    The company has acquired the tiny burg of Nipton, California, for about $5 million and plans to invest as much as $2.5 million over the next 18 months to create a pot-friendly tourist destination. The purchase includes 120 acres of land with a general store, a hotel, a school building and mineral baths.

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    <<< school building >>>

    Seems like they even wish to indoctrinate the children into a drug culture.

    My guess is that they probably won't name the school "Assassin of Youth" but then again, who knows? They might think that school name is catchy.

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