Welcome to the American leftist revolution – Crooked Clinton style

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    Welcome to the American leftist revolution – Crooked Clinton style

    Article from 50right.com

    The Democratic Party has morphed over the past 8 years into a hard core socialist party. The agenda of the Democratic Party is a leftist revolution, with them in control of all of us. Today's Democratic Party is “democratic” in name only. There is nothing democratic any longer about the Democratic Party.

    First of all, let's dismiss the notion that Hillary Clinton is running alone for president. It is a Hillary and Bill Clinton ticket, and we all know it. It would be an extension of a Bill Clinton third term. Technically that is in violation of our Twenty Second Amendment. Leftists though couldn't care less about our constitution, except for the parts which benefit them.

    Most of us are already aware of the massive corruption of the Clintons. Despite that, with less than 30 days until the election, Hillary Clinton retains a sizable lead in the polls. Sadly, it seems that the majority of voters either do not understand how horribly corrupt the Clintons are, or they simply don't mind the corruption because they believe that they benefit from it. These Clinton supporters such as Black Lives Matter, actually want the Clintons to be corrupt, to rob from others and then give some of it to them.

    The Clintons are leftist con artists the likes of which may have never been seen before in world history, considering the magnitude of it all. They cleverly pull off their shenanigans under the guise of good intentions. The more corruption the Clintons display, the more support they get from many of their followers. This ploy is what many Republicans and Independents, and conservatives and moderates, aren't quite comprehending yet.

    Think about what happens whenever there is a leftist revolution in a country. Those who support the leftists, don't care if the leftist leader is corrupt and living a life of ostentatious luxury, just as long as the supporters get their fair share of the revolutionary spoils.

    For example, let's say the Clintons grab a 1% share of everything they take from hard working people and business owners. Clinton supporters are mainly comprised of those who either never work or never work hard. Not all Clinton supporters are incorrigible and lazy. Given the right incentives, they might start working or work harder. But for now, they like the Clinton corruption, figuring that they are dividing up the other 99% which is free money for them. They don't mind letting the Clintons keep a 1% “commission” for initiating and leading their leftist revolution in America.

    The American leftist revolution, which has attempted to change America into a socialist society, actually began in earnest back in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama. Fortunately, Obama wasn't strong enough to fully implement it. However the leftists fooled a significant number of people into believing that their socialist ideas were successful, by rampantly borrowing and spending money. Doing this covered up their economic failures.

    Over the past 8 years of Obama, the American economy has stagnated or declined in almost every measurable category. All this failure while accumulating a monstrous 20 trillion dollar national debt, which is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Like an unstable geological fault, a Hillary and Bill Clinton administration with their proposed massive borrow and spend policies, could trigger an earthquake in our economy of San Andreas type proportions.

    The Clintons are all for expanding the failed socialist ideas of the Obama administration. If the Clintons were to gain enough power, they would continue their leftist quest to rob from hard workers and job creators, for larger handouts to their voting block. This would eventually mean the disintegration of everyone who lives here, and the collapse of our American way of life. It would be the end of our freedom and liberty as we now know it.

    The Trump campaign continues to bash the Clintons for their numerous scandals. Which is well deserved considering the enormous scale of corruption that is involved. However this might not be enough to dissuade those intending to vote for the Clintons, which unfortunately right now appears to be the majority of the electorate.

    What must happen for a Trump victory is to present the case that the Clinton ruling style of corruption and socialism, only works well until they run out of other people's money. With a 20 trillion dollar debt, that point of running out of other people's money is already here and getting worse.

    A percentage of these misguided Clinton supporters must be convinced that they are far better off, in so many different ways, by voting for Donald Trump. They need to believe that our constitution is infinitely superior over a couple of corrupt leftists running for president. Otherwise, say hello to Queen Hillary, King William, Princess Chelsea, and others from the new royal family. Don't forget to bow or curtsy when in their presence, or they will get very angry with you.

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