We cannot allow the left to gain the narrative in this election about Donald Trump and his old tapes

Discussion in 'Articles and Opinion' started by Stephen, Oct 8, 2016.

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    All this hyped up nonsense from the left about some old tapes from Trump. Trump just enjoys expressing himself, that's all. His thoughts are the same as almost every adult male out there. He didn't say it publicly, it was just private BS between guys.

    Let me say this, and no offense intended, that when most women get together in private, in certain situations, their conversations are much filthier than that. Their various discussions about sex or complaining about the lack of getting it, in graphic detail. No big deal, it's all part of being human.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton have been involved, numerous times in hard core scandals and corruption. I'm talking RICO territory here. If the Trump campaign doesn't get in the mud with Hillary, but get in the right sort of mud, the mud of our choosing, then we are going to get beat in this election.

    In Atlantic City, it is hard to get a casino license, and hard as well to keep it, just ask Hugh Hefner who lost his casino license. There has been no actual scandal or corruption in anything Trump has ever done. No exceptions, only hyped bull about his real estate school in which some students who didn't get rich off it, immaturely complain like a bunch of whining babies in need of a nap.

    Besides that, there have been a suspicious number of "suicides" and unsolved murders related to those associated with the Clintons. The likes of which I have never seen or read about with any couple who hasn't been prosecuted, jailed or executed, or are third world dictators. Putin seems to be an amateur compared to the Clintons. This is a very dangerous time we are in if Hillary Clinton gets elected, so dangerous that most of us, including me, probably can't even comprehend it.

    Trump is so superior to Hillary Clinton in every which way, every common sense way, every reasonable way, every calculable way for the job of President of the United States, and we all know it. The problem is that the leftist liberal media is now more powerful than the so-called military industrial complex ever was, and they can deceive and fool enough gullible Americans to vote the way they want on a national level.

    Fortunately, the left doesn't control a majority of our states so at least Republicans should continue to have congressional power, if they develop the stones to properly use it, and not allow Crooked Hillary, if she wins, to rule over us like a malevolent queen.
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    "there have been a suspicious number of "suicides" and unsolved murders related to those associated with the Clintons"

    Just in case anyone was wondering what I was referring to, here is a link for a tabulation on this. Frankly, considering the numbers, it goes beyond the realm of conspiracy theory. It's at the point of conjecture or even fact.

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