Two names emerge from Clinton’s VP deliberations: Kaine and Vilsack

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    Two names emerge from Clinton’s VP deliberations: Kaine and Vilsack

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Sen. Timothy M. Kaine of Virginia have emerged as the leading candidates on a longer list of finalists Hillary Clinton is considering for her vice-presidential running mate, according to interviews with multiple Democrats with knowledge of her deliberations.

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    There is little doubt that Hillary is going to choose Tim Kaine as her VP pick. Kaine calls himself "boring" which one might think a presidential nominee would not like a bore to campaign with. But if you recall, Al Gore was a bore as well, and Bill Clinton chose him for VP.

    Look for Hillary to follow her husband's lead from picking Al Gore, and choose Kaine. Yes, Kaine is boring, however standing next to Hillary who is a bore herself, Kaine might make her appear better.

    Kaine also helps Hillary in the swing state of Virginia, and Kaine speaks Spanish which in theory could help Hillary win some Hispanic votes.

    Frankly I would love to see Hillary choose Elizabeth Warren, which would assure her of losing. Hillary is mildly psychotic, but she isn't stupid, so I doubt that she would make such a grave mistake, which for a variety of reasons would immediately doom her chances of winning.

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