Trump closes the deal, becomes Republican nominee for president

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    Trump closes the deal, becomes Republican nominee for president

    CLEVELAND – Donald Trump – the billionaire businessman who built a real estate empire, parlayed that success into a hit TV show and then shifted gears to become a convention-defying political sensation – closed the biggest deal of his life Tuesday in Cleveland, formally becoming the Republican nominee for president.

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    Congratulations to Donald Trump on a well deserved, hard fought win. Hopefully, this will toughen up all of us for the upcoming battle against Hillary Clinton and her socialist party, the Democratic Party.

    We've nominated the right person, now we need to get the win on election night in November. There is a lot more work to do, and if we do it, I believe we can taste the fruits of victory, instead of the sour agony of defeat.
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    Another excellent day on Tuesday for the Republican Party at the convention. What a refreshing change from the 2012 convention with Mitt Romney, who during the campaign snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I got so sick and tired of hearing in almost every speech by Mitt Romney, how he would go out of his way to mention what a nice man Obama is, and what a nice family Obama has.

    First of all, Obama is not a "nice man" - he is a radical leftist who has constantly for the past 7 1/2 years shown utter disdain and even hatred for America, in a multitude of different ways. That is not the definition of a nice man, badmouthing our country like that, especially someone who is the President of the United States.

    As far as Obama's family, they have taken seemingly countless lavish vacations in foreign countries, of course at taxpayer expense. No other presidential family in modern times has come close to acting so callous towards taxpayer money. That is not the definition of a nice family.

    Why could they not take their vacations in America? Of course one explanation is that they are liberals, and liberals by their nature love to spend other people's money. So I guess the Obama family figured why just go to Florida, when they could cavort somewhere else exotic and expensive, since it wasn't costing them a dime.

    So let's continue not to be nice to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton - their sordid reputation deserves that treatment.
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    A magnificent performance and effort by all those involved tonight, with the exception of Ted Cruz who acted a bit bizarre. Of course the liberal media is going to focus on Cruz and they will spin that as the Republican Party being divided, but the rest of us should basically ignore the liberal media rambling.

    During this campaign, which is likely to be the roughest presidential campaign in modern history, we cannot allow the liberal media and political leftists to successfully spin their narrative. Throughout this campaign, the key to success is that we must consistently remain on the offensive...and with Trump-Pence at the helm, I believe we will.

    For sure, Mike Pence truly is an outstanding VP pick, and he clearly showed that tonight.
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    Wow - an outstanding speech from Donald Trump to finish up perhaps the finest Republican national convention of all time. Trump is unique, a once in a lifetime type of candidate. A winner who wants to win for you. We cannot pass him by.

    Please remember, don't stay home on election day. We are going to need every vote. No excuses, get to the polling booth and make it count. We can win, we must win, and I believe we will win.

    God Bless America!

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