The Republican Commitment to America

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    US border needs 'record' funding for 'advanced' protection: National Security spokesman

    UNITED NATIONS, New York – The U.S. border will need "record" investment to ensure that criminal or terrorist elements do not slip in, Fox News Digital learned during an interview with National Security Agency Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby.

    When asked if an open border is a good idea for the country even with remnant ISIS and al Qaeda members still operating, Kirby said, "We are working hard to secure the border through trying to invest in advanced capabilities.

    "We still have troops that are down there assisting Border Patrol officers to try to help them so that they can focus on this. We asked for record levels of funding for DHS and, unfortunately, there was no Republican support for that.

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    Certainly appears like the Commitment to America shook up John Kirby.

    Of course this is simply before the midterms posturing by the Democrats. They
    have absolutely no intention of protecting and securing our border, and we
    all know it. A lying incompetent lefty such as John Kirby truly has no shame.

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