The Democratic Party – the party of slavery then, the party of slavery now

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    The Democratic Party – the party of slavery then, the party of slavery now

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    The Democratic Party was the party of slavery when it was founded, and it is still the party of slavery today. They have cleverly modified and adjusted their political techniques for modern times, but their end result goal has not changed since their inception. They want control and domination over their subjects.

    The Progressive Movement which starting out was a movement to basically take from the rich and give to the poor, has morphed itself into the Democratic Party. However, today's Progressive Movement/Democratic Party now take from the rich and the middle class, and give to their voting block, in which some in their voting block are rich themselves. Often, the Democrats take from the deserved rich such as entrepreneurs who have worked hard to bring goods and services to our society, and give to their voting block rich in the form of crony capitalism and other wasteful government spending and taxation that benefits liberals. Remember the Boston Tea Party? All this is a form of tyranny by liberal leftist government, similar to what our patriots back in 1776 revolted against, also known as the American revolution.

    Liberal authored history books have basically stated or implied that our Founding Fathers were liberal revolutionaries, fighting against a conservative king. This couldn't be further from the truth. Most of our Founding Fathers were conservative members of American society. They believed in freedom and liberty which is a bedrock fundamental principle of conservative thought. King George of England from 1776, and other kings before and after him, believed in socialism with themselves as the head socialist, dictating their nanny state ideas to their subjects, as being beneficial to the subjects. These subjects had to respond positively to the king, whether they liked it or not, or risk losing their lives.

    Today's Democratic Party dictates these same King George principles to so many black people, mired in terrible poverty in the inner cites of America. They have convinced black people that if they don't vote Democratic, they could lose their lives in the form of receiving no food, clothing, or shelter from liberal big government. While this of course is not the textbook definition of slavery, because Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party abolished slavery back in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation, hence slavery in its purest form is outlawed, nevertheless this practice from the Democratic Party is a form of slavery.

    Who could sensibly argue that a good church going black family, living in a Democratic Party controlled, inner city ghetto, that is crime ridden and drug infested, with violent gangs roaming the streets, dilapidated schools, little or no job opportunities, that they truly have freedom and liberty? Of course these people don't have freedom and liberty in the intended meaning of the words from our Founding Fathers. Basically, the best chance for their children to climb out of poverty is if they are fortunate enough to have a son or daughter skilled enough in athletics to receive a nice college scholarship or a fat contract with a professional sports team.

    Academically, the options of the black children are limited due to the poor schooling they receive. Too many of them are pushed thru the grade levels without even having rudimentary reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. Liberal government teacher's unions, seem to always care more about getting their already bloated salaries and pensions increased, rather than earning their paycheck by properly teaching the children in their classrooms. This situation is simply disastrously wrong, and the Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for locking up their constituents in such a manner.

    The most despicable thing of all, is that liberal big leftist government, doesn't really even want these blacks or any poor people who are dependent on the Democratic Party, to rise up and be successful. This is because most successful people become conservative, and therefore tend to gravitate towards the Republican Party. The Democratic Party knows that a poor person rising up and out of poverty, and becoming a success in life with a wonderful family, would mean a probable loss for them of a Democratic Party vote. It is simply against the best interests of the Democratic Party for their supporters mired in poverty to ever succeed. Just like it was against the best interests of the Democratic Party slave plantation bosses to educate their slaves. An educated slave, can be a slave who gains knowledge and figures out how to successfully escape from the slave plantation.

    Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, was elected in 2008 along with a Democratic Party controlled congress. He could have basically enacted any set of laws he wanted to help black folks in the inner cities. But he and his fellow Democrats basically did nothing to help them. In fact, for the past 7 ½ years under Barack Obama, virtually all indicators of black progress have been negative. Black poverty has increased, black unemployment has increased, black crime has increased, and the list goes on and on despite the fact that Obama keeps telling us how well he has done with the economy.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Democratic Party has failed poor people, and it will always fail poor people. Black people, as well as all poor people, come November should vote for the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Vote for prosperity for yourself and your children versus continued Democratic Party inspired poverty. Vote Republican which is a vote for freedom and liberty, and a better life for yourself and your family.

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