The Case for Donald Trump: His Businesses, His Character, and the Nuclear Button

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    The Case for Donald Trump: His Businesses, His Character, and the Nuclear Button

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    Donald Trump is one of those opportunities for leadership who comes around once in a lifetime, and we simply cannot pass him by. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is at best a dime a dozen type of politician, and frankly, she isn't even worth that. She is truly a pathetic, corrupt, leaderless type of person, who is totally unfit to be President of the United States by any reasonable standard.

    First of all, about the charge that Trump was a “stiff” with his bankruptcies. The naysayers about Trump always bring up the few bankruptcies, but never mention the fact that over the years, many thousands of businesses and employees have made countless millions of dollars doing work for Trump. That positive trend continues to this day as his companies employ thousands of people, and provide millions of dollars in profit to companies that do business with him. The net gain to our society of Donald Trump being a businessman has been enormous.

    To label Trump as a stiff is simply being disingenuous. Hillary made that accusation about Trump, calling him a stiff in her DNC speech. Anyone who says this, displays a profound ignorance of what the world of business is all about. We all know that any business person who engages in hundreds of different projects, is going to have some failures. The astonishing thing about Trump is that there have been so few failures, considering all the successes. Taking into account Trump's total body of work over many years, nobody should ever contemplate calling him a stiff.

    Remember when Obama uttered the line, “You didn't build that” which was a derogatory remark toward business owners. Hillary has repeated that line. As leftists, both of them don't care to acknowledge the tremendous amount of hard work that people put into their businesses. It takes time, intelligence, risk capital, sacrifice and a whole assortment of other factors including some good luck to build a successful business and maintain it. Obama and Hillary should be ashamed of themselves for denigrating the accomplishments of business owners and Donald Trump.

    Secondly, about Trump's character. What some don't care to mention because they are politically against him, is that Trump's personality is based on a New York City upbringing. To better understand part of Trump's personality, there is a television show which illustrates it.

    We've all seen and enjoyed the hit TV show Seinfeld, a comedy series about life in New York City. With a national TV audience, many Americans liked Seinfeld, and it had some of the highest TV ratings of all time. Everybody knows the Seinfeld story plots are loaded with sarcasm and absurdity, all in good fun for entertainment purposes.

    A number of Trump's comments containing humor are similar in style to those on Seinfeld. But the humorous style from that show is not new or unique. Many folks in New York City, and other Eastern US cities such as Philadelphia, often use sarcastic humor to describe certain events which happen in everyday life. It's a way of relieving stress, and having some fun at the same time, hopefully entertaining whoever they are talking to in some manner, maybe getting a good laugh out of them or perhaps just to make a strong point.

    When Trump recently stated, “Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing” basically everyone watching that press conference live, instantly knew it was a joke. Trump referred to it as sarcasm. Trump used sarcasm in that line to make a strong point about Hillary's email scandal. For Trump to have to explain afterward to the liberal media that it was sarcasm, is inherently dishonest of the liberal media because they knew it was a joke.

    Many in the liberal media are from New York, Philadelphia, and other Eastern US cities, or have worked there. They have watched the TV show Seinfeld, and enjoyed its humor. They understood the premise of Seinfeld and so they knew exactly what Trump meant about Hillary. The liberal media isn't opposed to using sarcasm, just when it is targeted at their socialist idol Hillary Clinton, and Trump scored a bulls-eye.

    For political purposes, the liberal media intentionally concocted an incorrect interpretation of Trump's sarcastic joke, which considering that the liberal media knew better, their spin was really an outright lie. The liberal media has lied about Trump in the past, and it's expected that their lies will continue to get worse as election day approaches.

    Thirdly, there has never been anyone quite like Donald Trump. His combination of knowledge, wit, lightening quick thinking, sharp speaking talent, uncanny ability to adapt and improve, work well with people, find and hire the best personnel, all of this and more is truly remarkable. If before his presidential campaign, anyone who only saw snippets of him on TV interviews thru the years, and perhaps he didn't seem impressive, may have wondered how he was able to create all of those magnificent buildings and businesses. Now by seeing much more of him the past year, watching his speeches and the way he handles various situations in a bold, persuasive, poised, winning manner, it is no longer difficult to visualize his superb achievements.

    With the liberal media, again with their spin, it is absolutely ridiculous of them to imply that they fear Donald Trump with the nuclear button. Trump might actually be the most sane political person alive. Trump can be trusted with the nuclear button as much if not more than perhaps any individual out there. Not that others couldn't be trusted in this regard, but Trump is well among those trusted the most.

    Frankly, it is Hillary who appears unstable and imbalanced. Her marriage is a total sham, married to the worst philanderer in presidential history, and it has been reported that she has an ongoing problem with alcohol. Hillary should definitely not be trusted with the nuclear button. What if she “short circuits” in the middle of an alarming crisis with a threatening enemy?

    Trump is an amazing person, with a wonderful family, and he would no doubt make a great president. Nobody could ever top George Washington as president. Abraham Lincoln is certainly there in second. For the grouping of third best president ever, Trump arguably has the ability and potential to be right up there, and become the best president in modern US history. Yes, possibly even better than Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower who were great presidents.

    We cannot pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to elect an outstanding candidate, who has the temperament, the skill, the energy, and the desire to make America great again. Vote for Donald Trump this coming election day in November.

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