Texas farmer near border says migrants 'bull-rushed' his property, broke into elderly grandparents..

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    Texas farmer near border says migrants 'bull-rushed' his property, broke into elderly grandparents' house

    The Texas farmer shared footage of the migrants breaking into his property on TikTok

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    Wait until the illegal invaders figure out that if they become fully armed, and with woke Democrats in charge, they would basically be unstoppable to boot Americans out of their homes. The invaders will annex properties in mass. They could take over entire towns and more.

    There would be no way that totally overwhelmed law enforcement could stop them. The invaders would shoot law enforcement officials attempting to take back the annexed properties, to the point whereby the police would refuse to enforce court orders. The officers are not going to risk almost certain death. So any notices to evict would be laughed at and ignored by the invaders.

    Could the National Guard take back the properties? The military? Perhaps, but it would be very bloody. Besides, Democrats in charge would never give such an order. Democrats will gladly allow all of this to happen, because these invaders would be part of a new Democratic Party voting block.

    Bottom line - You'd better vote straight Republican as if your property and life depended on it...because it does.

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